Frozen Yoghurt Bark

I’ve seen this concept of food called “bark” quite a bit recently, mostly with chocolate of some description. However, I stumbled across a blogger named “The Fussy Eater” who has created a marvellous recipe for Greek Yoghurt Bark. I took my inspiration from her however, I completely simplified it just because of time, budget and level of laziness at the time. I like the idea of the yoghurt bark just because it is handy if you don’t have any popsicle holders (or all the ones you currently have are occupied) and also too I find that if I freeze a bunch of yoghurt in a cup, I feel like I need a jackhammer to eat it and so this method of frozen yoghurt works a treat. This recipe is lactose free and refined sugar free!

Frozen Yoghurt Bark

What you’re going to need

250g Greek Yoghurt (the one I made is using Black Swan Lactose Free Greek Yoghurt)***

4 strawberries, blended into a thick liquid (no water necessary)

flat tray, lined with baking paper


1. Pour yoghurt onto the lined tray and spread evenly

2. Pour your strawberries over the top (if you want to get fancy with patterns just use a skewer and play around with it)

3. Freeze for about 4-6 hours

4. Snap and enjoy!

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***Black Swan Foods are an Australian brand which I don’t think are stocked overseas currently. If you are lactose intolerant, substitute your preferred yoghurt of choice