Swallowable Gum

A post title that sounds a bit contradictory I know but I only speak the truth.

To be honest, the only time I really bought gum in the past was when I needed to get cash out at the petrol station. It would end up sitting in my bag for about a week before I opened it and then I’d get through the entire packet quicker than I’d like to admit. This doesn’t happen so much now but back at school, I’ll never forget how if one person showed that they had a pack of gum, the rest of the girls automatically turned into seagulls and bam there goes your pack of gum. There was also that brief phase during childhood where bubblegum was all the rage and it would be always be those sickly sweet flavours like grape and raspberry.

Alas, fast forward to my 20’s and my handbag always feature a staple “breath freshener”. Sometimes mints or more recently I have switched over to gum so I was more than happy to give a healthy alternative a go.

Introducing Mast Chew, a 100% organic gum that has no sugars or additives! I liked that the product came in both a blister pack and a pop open bottle. The product is a mixture of minty fresh and mastic flavour. The natural based extract from trees used to make the gum has been used historically for maintaining gut health and stomach related issues. I was delighted to hear this as I am impacted by stomach related issues.

After tasting this for myself, I can say that the texture is slightly heavier than your run of the mill gum however it doesn’t feel like the gum just disintegrates into nothing whilst you’re still chewing it. It felt weird at first to be swallowing it when I was done but I went for it anyway and it wasn’t that scary!

Overall, I found that Mast Chew was an intriguing new option for fresh breath. It is a relief to have the ability to freshen your breath during the day without feeling like you’re ingesting excess sugar.

If you’re interested, Mast Chew can be purchased via online retailers including Australian Organic Products.

Disclaimer:  The Mast Chew Organic Chewing Gum was provided as a gift. I only support and endorse products that I have tried or cooked with myself.