Europe Nostalgia: Greece

I am lucky enough to have gotten the chance to visit Greece for a second time alongside my travel companions Madeleine and Eleanor. We ventured off to four islands including Rhodes, Santorini, Crete and Mykonos. Each island has its own unique style and atmosphere and so when planning a trip to Greece make sure you include a few islands to get the most out of your experience.So here I am to share with you some of the sights and of course the food that I encountered!


Medieval city, beaches and cocktails. Rhodes or “Rodos” is an island just about an hour away from the South East coast of Turkey. Here we discovered the Medieval city which is UNESCO Heritage listed. We had a wander, took numerous selfies and really just took the place in. Day two was spent soaking up the sun, swimming in the Aegean Sea followed by a night of cocktails in Rhodes town.


White buildings, expensive galleries and jewellery shops that I will hopefully one day be able to afford, volcanoes and donkeys. We stayed in a bed and breakfast style place with an amazing breakfast of Greek Yoghurt, fresh fruit and boiled eggs straight from the owners’ own chicken! We also ventured to two sunset spots – the main one filled with tourists in Oia and also a second one which can be seen from the Santo Winery. Unfortunately for us, the night we chose to visit the Santo Winery our sunset view was completely blanketed with cloud cover! Alas, we still enjoyed the wine “samples” which were basically the equivalent of a full glass of wine. Happy days!


I didn’t really have high hopes for Crete before arriving. That would be due to my limited knowledge about the place and also because I didn’t know anyone who had visited there in the past. However, it was instant love. We decided to hire a car and were glad we did because we had access to some of the best beaches I’ve ever visited. It was here too where we also consumed some amazing food!


The party island. Well one of. Also filled with the beautiful white buildings like Santorini. We checked out the nightlife, the beaches and enjoyed chilling out for 5 days.

So there you have it. A taste of our Greek oasis!

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Featured image is from our visit to Elafonisi Beach, Crete

Europe Nostalgia: Turkey

I decided to wait until I came home to blog about my travels. Alas, better late than never so here is the first post of a few which I’ll be sharing over the next week or so! First stop on the trip was Istanbul, Turkey! My girlfriends and I spent two weeks in Turkey and absolutely loved it! Turkey has a unique culture and atmosphere that I have never experienced before while travelling and so it was one of my favourite places. Over the course of two weeks, we visited Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Bodrum and Fethiye to really get the full Turkish experience. Of course, we delved into the culinary world of Turkish food which I will share with you today as well as a few snaps of the scenery to give you some context. I’m mainly going to share my photos from Istanbul and Cappadocia as they were my two favourite places!


The place where we spent the most time and my overall favourite place in Turkey. The city is filled with mosques, markets, beautiful gardens and harbour side views. Our visit happened to be timed with Ramadan and so the atmosphere of the city differed to how it normally would be. It was very quiet during the day, however at night, the city became illuminated and families would sit in the gardens and have a picnic after the sun had set. It was a really interesting experience. Here are some scenery photos to get a feel of the place.

Food Finds

So of course being a food blogger, I have a keen interest in trying out the local cuisine. Thankfully for us, the food prices in Turkey are cheap in comparison to our hometown and so our money went a long way as we got to indulge in some amazing food!


So Turkey as a whole is a unique place, but Cappadocia just heightened those feelings. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Cappadocia, it is a natural land formed city filled with caves. Our hotel was in a cave. We stayed here for two days and got the full experience. We visited the Ihara Valley, Underground City and made the best decision of the trip to go hot air ballooning for the sunrise.

Food Finds

Cappadocia had some foods of their own alongside the traditional Turkish food seen in Istanbul. The locals here are so welcoming and friendly. When we went to sample Turkish delight, we also were welcomed to a smorgasbord of sweets including sesame peanuts, dried berries and an aphrodisiac specific Turkish delight!

Turkey is a country that should be on your travel list. It was definitely an experience that I will never forget.

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Photos are all my own unless stated otherwise