Welcome everyone!

My name is Rebecca and I am the Economic Foodie.

I am an Economics grad from Sydney, Australia and have had a love and devotion for food for as long as I can remember. My uni days are far behind me but my love for food still remains!

My philosophy is to encompass two of my passions – Economics and Food. My hope for this is to promote that creating meals with good food does not have to be an expensive endeavour.  I want to make the most of what I can get my hands on and force myself to be as creative as I can possibly be.

I want to create and eat what makes me feel good. As I have a digestive condition known as IBS, some days are better than others. However, I know what my body loves and what it doesn’t and so I work with that to the best of my abilities. I aim to incorporate as much fresh food into my diet as possible ensuring that I keep nourishing my body.

Being thrifty with my food means I also aspire to keep things as simple as possible but still ensuring I maximise flavour. I completely embrace the less is more approach to food and can really appreciate the simple things.

Cooking food that makes you feel good does not have to be a expensive challenge. I am keeping the innovative ideas coming by following the mantra “Less waste, more creativity”. I am a leftovers believer and that even if it seems like your fridge and pantry are almost bare, there is still potential there to create something brilliant.

Check out my Instagram @theeconomicfoodie for more food inspiration!

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