Europe Nostalgia: Poland

So this is my last Europe Nostalgia post for the time being! Poland is a beautiful country which has been through a lot in its history. However, as time went on, they still managed to retain their traditional customs that began long ago. I stayed in Poland for two weeks and visited 3 cities with each having its own personality and charm. In comparison to Western Europe and countries like Greece, Poland is quite underrated in terms of being a tourist destination. It’s a shame though, there is so much to see, do and of course eat here! Also a bonus, their over inflated currency means that everything is dirt cheap!


An small, old fort city in the West of Poland. It was once the capital at one point (as many of the other cities in Poland have been also…). It is quite a cute little city with plenty to offer. My walking tour guide did a successful job of convincing me that Poznan was definitely worth my visit. I had some delightful food here. I found a place which specialised in crepes (they call them pancakes).


The current capital of the nation. Majority of this city was destroyed during World War Two but has been restored to replicate what the city looked like pre war. I did my first ever food walking tour! For those who haven’t heard of this or done one before, basically you go to a bunch of places and try a signature food item at each place. They’re only samples but by the end of the tour, you are full! You also get to try local drink too and in Poland that is Vodka. Instead of using a soft drink or juice as a chaser, we used a pickle! Surprisingly, it was delicious because the saltiness of the pickle balances out the sharp flavour of the vodka.


Last but certainly not the least, Krakow! The most touristy city in Poland and one of the biggest. I spent a week here and got to really embrace the culture and lifestyle. I also did another food tour here which was quite different from the one in Warsaw. Each city has its own traditions and food. For example, instead of chasing your vodka with a pickle, in Krakow, they chase with piece of herring! Who would’ve thought?! I consumed at least another 50 pierogis while I was here! No complaints at all.

So that’s it for my Europe adventures at the moment! I won’t be heading back there for a while now but will be travelling abroad again as soon as possible!

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