Europe Nostalgia: Prague

Prag, Praha or in plain old English, Prague, is the capital of the Czech Republic. Here you will find some of the most stunning architecture I’ve ever seen. I also consumed some amazing food here. Both on the street and in a restaurant called “Lokal”.

A popular street food which you most likely will not be able to avoid because almost every second shop and street stand sells them is “Trdelnik”, a cylindrical doughnut cooked on a rotating tube which is normally coated with sugar and nuts. You can also get ones with fancy extras like chocolate, cream, ice cream or a combo of all three. Do not leave Prague without trying one and make sure you go to a place where they pull one off the heat fresh for you because it’s so much better than if it is cold. In terms of prices, there was a pretty solid standard for these and were priced the same basically everywhere I went around the city. Another must try in Praha is the street sausages! It is a super sized hot dog with your choice of toppings. I just kept it simple with good old ketchup and mustard. I found that walking an extra 50 metres knocked some coin off the final price so have a wander around before choosing a place.

So I think “Lokal” deserves a paragraph all on its own so here we go. When visiting a foreign country, one of the things I love to do is find out their traditional food, scope out the scene and pick the best place to try it out. This restaurant was actually recommended to me by a friend back home and I am so thankful for it because I went here two days in a row for lunch. This place functions as almost like a cafeteria where each day, the pre prepared menu changes keeping the place fresh. Of course, you can still go back the next day and devour an entire plate of bread dumplings (so delicious I can’t even explain and also a staple on the menu). This place was bustling both times that I went and it wasn’t just tourists either. In terms of prices, I had a 3 course meal (I constitute beer as a course here as it filled me up quite a bit!) for under 10 euros.

Fun fact: According to my free walking tour, the Czech Republic is the highest consumer of beer per capita. And why wouldn’t they be? It is actually cheaper than water in a lot of circumstances. Compared to its neighbour Germany, the taste is actually pretty good (however German beer is still my fave). Even better, they sold this as well an array of snacks and drinks at our hostel reception. This was especially convenient when supermarkets closed at 10 and you just completely lost track of time in the first hours of the evening.

Here are some snaps from around Prague to get a feel of the vibes.

Prague is one of the cities where I spent the most time so I really got to embrace the culture and life here. It is a down to earth city with so much to offer. Definitely put on your list of places to visit before you die.

Next post: Poland

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