Europe Nostalgia: Italy

Time for my next post about my most recent Europe adventures! This trip marks my third visit to Italy. I am in love with the food and history in this beautiful country. Each region has its own specialty to offer the world and so it is essential to not just relive the Lizzie Mcguire movie in Roma! The three cities/regions that I visited in 2015 included Naples, Florence and Milan.


Residing on the South East coast of the boot is the region of Naples. Home of Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento and the stunning Amalfi Coast, there is plenty to see, do and of course eat. From both research and word of mouth, I learnt that Naples was famous for pizza! However, being on my own meant that every time I ordered one, I had to consume the entire thing (no complaints). I also had a lucky experience of getting to watch the chefs make my pizza for me. I will be attempting this method at home in the foreseeable future.


If i had to pick one city in Europe overall even though it is basically an impossible question because each city is so different I would pick Florence. This was the second time I visited Florence and I loved it so much I decided to pop in again. The city is filled with stunning architecture, genuine leather products, fresh food and some exquisite gelato. To top it off, a last minute change of accommodation whilst en route to Florence ended up being the best decision I made and I ended up with a top notch room for my stay.


Unfortunately, I didn’t stay in Milan for very long (5 hours to be exact). However, I definitely got a feel of the place and a peek at some of the sights while there was still some daylight! I also enjoyed a meal here and of course gelato.

So there you have it, a little taste of Italy, a country that I will most definitely visit again.

Next post: Prague, Czech Republic

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